Harmonium Pilvinen

I try to create a sampleset for GrandOrgue, the open source virtual pipe organ software.

There are already plenty of samplesets available.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Eb3wRrPNU-YnpYN25MNXZUbWs/edit?usp=sharing This sampleset is a harmonium built by factory Pilvinen, Finland, around 1950s. It has been recorded simply with a cheap microphone.

The purpose is a Harmonium with feeling similar as used in folklore music. While portable harmoniums cost around 3000€, USB-keyboards only around 100€. I hope this helps anyone interested in playing folklore music.

I was looking for sounds in the Internet, but they were far from the type of sound used in video below, so I tried to create something more like this. If you find better alternatives, please tell me about them!

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